Metro corporate Interiors is your complete corporate facility solution. At Metro we can relocate your companies contents and/or technology, completely furnish your space with new or pre-owned office furniture, refinish or re-fabric you current office furniture or completely liquidate and clean out your old space.

Office Liquidations

Eventually, every company will have to figure out what to do with their furniture assets, whether in good or bad times. If your company needs to dispose of their office furniture assets, if you’re looking to offset the cost of disposal or you’re just looking to sell or dispose of your assets, Metro can help.

The truth of the matter is your office furniture has probably lost a considerable amount of value since your company bought it. After a few years and depending on the condition of the furniture, your furniture has lost from 75% - 100% of its original value.

With that said, Metro Corporate Interiors offer some options to help liquidate your excess stock.

Disposal: The disposal plan we offer when there is nothing of value that Metro can repair, refurbish, or resale. Metro will give your company an estimate for the dismantling, removal and disposal of the product. Your company will pay for services rendered.  We also recycle what we can such as technology, paper, metal and plastic.

Washout/Partial:  A washout is where some items may have some value but not enough for us to purchase them. These items will have to be dismantled, relocated, refurbished at our expense for resale or donation. We will remove these items at no charge but other items may have to be disposed of at the owners cost. If all items are in fair and usable condition, it will be deemed a washout and you or your company will not incur a charge.

Purchase/Partial: Depending on the manufacturer, style, condition and quantity, Metro will make an offer to purchase your furniture. Metro can offset this cost with disposal if there is a mix of good and poor furniture.

Most people think that their furniture has a lot of value, no matter the age or condition. The  reality is that that chair your company purchased from a stationary store for $200 six months ago, may be nice and in great condition but has no value on the secondary market, thus has no value. However, a Herman Miller Aeron chair does have value. Keep in mind that we still have to provide labor, trucking and cleaning/refurbishment to that item. 

Clean out: A clean out consists of a complete wipe of all remaining assets. After vacating a location, a company may not have the means or time to remove the remaining furniture, debris, racking, cubicles, etc. Metro can provide all resources to completely disassemble all products, remove all assets and leave your space broom swept. You and your company only have to worry about unpacking from your move or your fresh new beginning.

Metro will recycle as much of the assets as possible. All paper or documents can be shredded and proof of destruction can be provided upon request.

All options can be combined and work in conduction with each other to save your company time and money. Metro can come out and visit your facility and give an estimate for disposal or purchase. Metro can act as your consultant and give a value to your office furniture as well.




Office furniture upholstery and re-upholstery

As a specialized service, Metro Corporate Interiors offers upholstery, re-upholstery, refinishing/refurbishing, upholstery cleaning and customized fabrication of bench and lounge seating.

Your company saves time money and resources by using existing chairs, desks, cubicle panels, conference room tables, etc.  and making them look new. You keep the landfills clear of debris and you look like a hero by saving a $700 chair from the dumpster. You also saved your company from purchasing anther $700 chair.

Most touch ups and some reupholster work can be done on site at your locations. This offers our customers fast service with instant results.

Office Furniture installation and setup

Office furniture installation and setups go hand in hand with furniture sales. Metro provides professional desk and furniture setup, installations, removals and re-configurations.

Metro can plan a layout and implement it to our customer’s specifications. Using our office furniture knowledge, Metro can also advise on the positioning of the furniture and potential obstacles that may occur prior to the setup. This saves time and money for our customers as we may see misplaced data, telecommunication and electric that may interfere with placement.

Metro has crews that are skilled in all major high end manufactures.