Corporate Relocation's

Metro Corporate Interiors is a fully licensed and insured corporate relocation company serving the tri-state area. Our professional relocation division offers the planning of your entire relocation. From the estimate to the post move, we are there every step of the way.

Moving is one of the more stressful parts of business and in most cases a “necessary evil”. Metro can ease the pain and stress associated with this process. We have worked with many fortune 500 companies Global Real estate divisions, property managers, building managers, third party real estate companies…  to make sure your move goes smooth and efficient, with as little downtime as possible.

• Metro will relocate your company and offer time and money saving advice.
• We help with the planning of the relocation.
• We can advise on the amount of equipment and greener options.
• The manpower and the transportation needed.
• Tagging and white glove packing.
• Scheduling of the project.
• Layout of the furniture.
• Dis-assembly and setup of office furniture.
• Pre-move calls and meetings.




New Jersey State License Number #001069
US DOT # 2005234
Motor Carriers # 732209
Union Local #1212

Whats different about Metro?


Metro is a family owned and operated company. This is our business and there is no messing around! We now the value of our customers and make sure they’re our priority. We know that if we don’t take care of our customer, someone else will.

Metro Corporate Interiors scheduling is one of the keys to our success.  We know well in advance of any projects and make sure we have the proper labor, trucking and materials needed. We will never overbook our projects and we will never shortchange the customer or put untrained labor on our projects. Our customer’s time and belongings are too important. Our crew, which mostly consists of our family members, know the importance of the job and make sure it gets done correctly. The supervisor will always be either the owner of the company or a partner in the company. We make sure there is always an open line of communication so there is never any wondering who to call or who's in charge.

Our customers enjoy the piece of mind that we answer our emails, phone calls and even texts right away. If you call our office after hours and leave a message, that message is sent to the cell  phones of the owner and operations manager as text and voice message. We are your problem solvers in a time of stress.


So, what’s the cost?

Relocation's in general are very time, labor and resource intensive. There are several factors that play into the cost of a relocation such as:

  • square footage at the origin and destination,
  • amount of furniture that needs to be broken down, moved and set back up,
  • the amount of personal belongings and boxes,
  • the equipment and setup time,
  • transportation between locations,
  • man power needed,
  • packing material delivery, etc…

As a professional relocation company we must know these factors prior to committing to any project. We will not offer quotes over the internet or on the phone.

Metro is a licensed moving company with the department of consumer affairs of New Jersey.


Recent projects:


750 person move, contents and computers 2/2013.  

In one weekend Metro relocated 750 people from SoHo to the Financial district in New York City. This fortune 500 Media company needed to relocate 3 floors of employees in one weekend due to there phone system restrictions. Due to Metro's prep work and planning, Metro had every employee setup to get back to work Monday morning.

450 person move, contents, computers, server racks, furniture commission and removal. 3/2013.

Relocated 400 employees from Berkeley Heights, NJ to Warren, NJ in one day. Relocated IT lab, consisting of 17 populated servers. 

Decommissioned 50,000 sqf of office furniture and removed off the property.