Technology Relocation's

As one of our specialty services, Metro Corporate Interiors offers technology relocation's.  We have over 20 years combined experience relocating technology equipment.

Our technology relocation experience ranges from planning and scheduling, servers & storage devices, switching equipment, medical and optical equipment, pack and ship services… We have worked with major companies, such as EMC, Dell, HP, Quantum, Juniper, APC, and Optos. We have assisted them to relocate, deliver and pack their equipment.

Our knowledge allows us to properly prepare and transport technology locally and nationwide with our partners. We use a series of specialized packing materials and techniques. We are familiar with most companies customer specialized packing equipment and their custom packing systems. 


Data Center Relocation's:
Metro Corporate Interiors provides complete data center relocation's, locally and nationwide.

We work with several professional IT relocation companies throughout the united states. Metro and our partners have the experience to completely relocation your entire data center. We can inventory and track your devices during the entire relocation.